SPC Core Flooring Factory Processing Technology

SPC floor is a new type of environmental protection floor developed based on high technology. It has the characteristics of zero formaldehyde, mould proof, moisture-proof, fireproof, insect proof and simple installation. SPC core flooring factory uses extruder combined with T-shaped mold to extrude PVC substrate, and use three roll, four roll or five roll calender to heat PVC wear-resistant layer, PVC color film and PVC substrate respectively for lamination and embossing at one time. The process is simple and the lamination is completed by heat without glue. SPC core flooring factory uses environmental protection formula, which does not contain heavy metals, phthalates, methanol and other harmful substances. It is widely popular in developed countries in Europe and the United States and the Asia Pacific market.

Main quality requirements of SPC core flooring factory

1. It has lower shrinkage, warpage and better toughness.

2. Ensure that it is not easy to deform in various environments and has good lock pull and certain peeling force between substrate and membrane. Performance mainly depends on the type of material, component processing technology and equipment capacity.

Processing requirements

1. Due to the large extrusion volume of SPC floor production line and the need for on-line lamination, the stability of continuous production is very important.

2. Because SPC floor is high filling, screw wear is serious, screw value is relatively high, so we must consider the impact of screw life on the total cost.

3. The floor is thin, the thickness tolerance is small, and the extrusion speed is fast, so it requires good material dispersion, plasticizing performance and fluidity.

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