How wood look vinyl flooring supplier deal with Sino US trade warThe United States imposes tariffs o

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The United States imposes tariffs on Chinese exports, resulting in a decline in the scale of China's exports to the United States. The export business of wood look vinyl flooring supplier focusing on the U.S. market will be impacted. Affected by tariffs, the foreign trade market of SPC flooring is not optimistic. So how should wood look vinyl flooring supplier deal with the impact of the increase of tariffs in the Sino US trade war?

U.S. President trump said that from September 1, 2020, a 15% tariff would be imposed on $300 billion worth of goods, instead of the 10% he previously announced. In addition, the tax rate of 250 billion Chinese goods currently subject to 25% tariff will rise to 30% on October 1.


How should wood look vinyl flooring supplier deal with this impact?

1.Establish brand awareness

Market competition is ultimately brand competition. For wood look vinyl flooring supplier, the ultimate competitiveness of the market can be formed only by fundamentally shaping the brand, creating a strong brand power and finding the correct brand positioning.

2.Improve the ability of independent innovation

As the problem of market homogenization becomes more and more serious, without reform and innovation, manufacturers will lose the opportunity to seize the market. Therefore, wood look vinyl flooring supplier need to constantly improve their production technology, enhance their independent innovation ability and improve the market competition of products in order to be invincible in the market.

3.Expand the market of one belt, one road area

Taking the "one belt, one road" construction as an opportunity, we will vigorously expand the markets outside Asia, Africa and Europe outside the United States, seize the opportunity and reduce the impact of Sino US trade war on the SPC floor export.

4.Develop domestic trade market

The domestic SPC floor market is gradually expanding and developing, and has great potential. However, domestic consumers are still in the cognitive stage of SPC flooring, and the domestic market is not mature. Therefore, wood look vinyl flooring supplier, associations and Exhibition platforms need to guide and help them to vigorously explore the domestic market. SPC flooring domestic trade | market is rising, development should be made as soon as possible!

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